SJV Remote Learning

Remote Learning(RL) is when students participate in a school provided learning program while not being physically present in the school.  The learning program is planned, prepared and delivered by teachers.  St John Vianney's remote learning will have a combination of online/digital and hardcopy instructional/learning activities.

The Catholic Education Office has asked that where possible students are to be kept home.  If your child is unable to stay home because your family members are essential workers they will be able to attend school and participate in the remote learning program.

At SJV our goal is to maintain students' key learning areas as best as possible, while maintaining our specialist programs of the Performing Arts, Library, ICT and Italian.

We want to ensure that students continue to experience a sense of belonging to SJV and to their class and to have the opportunity to maintain positive connections with their peers and teachers.

We do not expect families to follow a school schedule. It is important to manage each day in a way that is sustainable for your children and your family. Pre-recorded teaching will be available online so that students and parents have an opportunity to schedule the learning that best suits. The tasks will remain available for students to independently engage during any time of the week.

SJV Platforms

Teachers will use the below platform as a way of communication.  Communication and school work may differ depending on year group or teacher.  Parents can always communicate with their child's teacher via email.  Please remember that teachers attention will be on their students during classtime and they may not be able to respond straight away.

For your childs class information, weekly timetable and required online resources\apps visit their RL year group webpage.

Microsoft TEAMS Parents Guide Video conferencing and daily communication between teachers and students
Google Classrooms Parents Guide Yr3-6 communication and collaboration of school work between teachers and students.
See Saw

SeeSaw login guide
Help Center

YrK-2 communication and collaboration of school work between teachers and students\parents.
Class Dojo Student Login Communication between parent and teacher
Parents Helpdesk

Parent Checklist

Student Checklist