Extra School Activities

St John Vianney’s continue exploring ways to provide students with opportunities for challenge and involvement in all areas of school life.  We offer a number of Extra School Activities: 


Clubs at school are offered and are usually held weekly, they can often vary depending on teacher availability, skillset and student interest.  

Choir and Band

These are run by SJV's specialist teacher for The Arts.  They are usually held at least weekly and often leads or accompanies the school at School Mass, assemblies or special events.

Private Music Tuition

The school offers private tuition during class time in singing and playing the piano and guitar. Contact for private tuition is made through the front office.

Sports Clinics

The Community Council where possible will provide sporting clinics eg. Gymnastics, Tennis.  These are usually incorporated into the HPE classes.

Leadership Initiatives

Often Year 5/6 Leaders will take the intiative and develop and lead their own Extra Activities eg. dancing, Fit Bitz

Rostrum Public Speaking