Meet Our Staff

The staff at SJV are highly qualified, dedicated and committed members of the school community.


Peter Rodda

Assistant Principal & 

Learning Support Teacher 

Nina De Rosa

Religious Education 


Laura Matchett 

Office Manager

Jeanette Simpson

Kindergarten St Anthony

Karen Stilling
Amanda (Mandy) Cowley 

Year 1 St Brigid

Anna Mihalyka 

Year 2 St John the Baptist

Wayne Young
Amanda (Mandy) Cowley 

Year 3 St Patrick

Emma Donaghue 


Year 4 St Claire of Assisi

Anna Kain
Sarah Emerson 

Year 5/6 St Paul

Leah Malpas 

Year 5/6 St Joseph

Olivia Hart 
Library Janice Spackman 
Italian Kathleen Monagle 
Arts Mary Dietz-Mullamphy 
ICT Wayne Young 
Canteen Mel Harding