Additional RL resources

There are so many online resources to help your child learn.  A number can be found at the ACT Education Resource webpage.  A few resources are listed below.  These websites will offer additional learning or fun for your child.

ClickView Educational Videos

ABC Behind The News
Scholastic Learn From Home

ABC Education logo.jpg
ABC Education

sora icon image
Sora Online Library
Kids National Geographic
Videoed Stories
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DIY National Museum Australia
Audible Stories
World Geography
Learn to Touch Type

Learning workspace

It is essential when remote learning to have a safe work environment, and if possible a separate learning space from play area. This allows students to be organised and focus on their schooling.



Learning environment checklist - is your childs working space physically safe Student checklist - be ready to learn each day
ACT Education supporting families - effective home learning

Mental Health

We are in a time of constant change and uncertainty.  This is a difficult time for us all. Many mental health resources are available for parents and children, below are a few online sites that may assist parents and children during this time
Please let your child's teacher know if you are worried about your child's health and wellbeing.

For Parents

For Children

Head to Health - Covid19 Support UNICEF - explaining Covid19 to your children
Beyond Blue - Mental Health during Covid19 Kidshelpline - emotional support and resources
World Health Organisaton - Covid19 Healthy parenting Brainpop - children video explaining Covid19
Headspace - Meditation when feeling overwhelmed, stress or sleep GoNoodle - movement & mindfulness videos

Cyber Safety

We all need to educate ourselves when being online, we need to be aware of the risk, be responsible and know how to protect ourselves.  Talk to your children about cyber security, especially when communicating with others.  Make sure you communicate with the school if you are aware of any potential cyber incidents or cyber concerns during remote learning. 

For Parents

For Children

eSafety- information from the eSaftey Commissioner for  parents eSaftey - information from the eSafety Commissioner for kids
Staysmartonline - parents top 10 questions on online security Internet pledge - print out pledge
Staysmartonline alerts - signup for alerts for recent online threats
Interland - esafety game
Online Safety - information and practical tips for parents BrainPOP jnr - internet safety video & quiz
Raising children - online safety 5 internet safety tips - short video

Application & Online Instructions

Instructions or Tips for application used in remote learning