RL Year5/6

The below information is for SJV Year 5/6 students undertaking remote learning with Laura Matchett (Mon-Thurs) & Sam Heath (Fri) 5/6J; and Tanya Dunley (Mon-Thurs) & Kathy Monagle (Fri) 5/6P

Roll call\Check-in is held via Microsoft TEAMS each morning. Please ensure that your child attends this session.  This is a time when all students are together for announcements and to discuss the days work.  This is also how the school monitors your child's attendance, which is an ACT Government requirement.

A weekly schedule will be posted every Monday morning.  Activities and information will be posted daily.  Teachers are available during the day to assist students via classroom communication platforms.

Teachers will hand out usernames and passwords.

SJV Year 5/6J and 5/6P roll call and check-in is at 11:15am 

Platforms and websites *

The below websites will be used in addtion to Google classrooms, which will be the main delivery of lessons for all Year5/6 subjects.

Classroom Communication Microsoft Teams
Classroom Dojo
Google Classrooms
Maths Prodigy
38 times tables challenge
Literacy Google classrooms
HASS\Religion Mappen
Understanding Faith
Italian Linguascope
PE Google classrooms
Health\Library Google classrooms
Library Resources
Music Google classrooms - Mrs Mullamphy's Music Room
Fast Finishers Fast Finishers Matrix (extension\additional activities)
(email your childs teacher for for 'fast finishers' username and passwords) Study Ladder
Code Break

* other platforms and websites may be used.  These will be communicated by your child's teacher.  Additional resources to help during this time can be found on the RL Resources webpage

Class Timetable/Information