How many tokens have you got?

We are proud to announce that the below students have achieved a White Token, they will recieve a certificate and with other white token recipients will have lunch with Mr Rodda.  Who will be next on the list to join in the lunch - Will it be you?


Term 1  



This reward system is a progression of trading.

Receive 10 x Yellow Tokens trade for 1x Red Token

Collect 5 x Red Tokens, trade for 1 x Blue Token

Collect 3 x Blue Tokens, trade for 1 x White Token


Tokens are received to highlight and celebrate when students have followed the SJV rules and demonstrate high quality behaviour.  Always remember that the rules are in place for us because:

We all have the right to feel safe

We all have the right to learn

We all have the right to respect and fair treatment


Visit the Curriculum page which outlines information on this Positive School Wide Behaviour Program