SJV Clubs


To provide the students with opportunities to have fun, challenge themselves and meet new friends, teachers and some year 5/6 students are providing various clubs for the students to participate in either at lunch, recess or before school.


Discuss these at home and see if your child would like to join in.



Pokémon  Wednesday This is a card game based around small monsters that battle each other via the rules on the card. It is quite complex. An extensive rule set has been sent out via email and is located in all the classrooms.  Children must have a deck of cards, have an idea how to play and can do so fairly and quietly.


Chess  Tuesday This will be both for children who want to learn to play or can already play. It will be run by Mr Toth who was ranked as high as 5th inAustralia. All materials will be provided by the school.


Coding  Thursday Children will use a device and particular software programs to write code. This code could be for making their own computer game to make a small robot move.


Morning Choir Tuesday
Morning choir is open to Yr 3-6 and begins at 8:30am.  Songs currently being taught are ‘When I grow up/Naughty’ melody from Matilda and ‘The Rhythm of Life’.


Morning Reading Wednesday
Morning reading in the Library between 8.30am and 8.55am.  School bags need to be left in lines outside.  All community members (mums, dads, carers or siblings) are welcome and encouraged to take this opportunity to read together.  This time is only for quiet reading – no computers, games or drawing.


Dance tbc Get your boogie shoes on. This will be run by Activity Activists (with teacher supervision) and will be giving the children an opportunity to express themselves with creative dance.