School Fees


The St John Vianney's Community Council and Catholic Education Commission are responsible for setting the school fees each year.  It is policy to ensure that school fees are kept to a minimum.

Tuition fees are charged for the first three children in a family. Fees for the first child are charged at 100 per cent, for the second child at 75 per cent, and the third child at 50 per cent. The fourth child and subsequent children are exempt from tuition fees.


The following is an explanation of the fees and levies per term for St John Vianney’s Primary School in 2017  





Expenditure area




Used to support the curriculum, assist towards paying teachers salaries and the CEO Levy which administers Catholic Education in the Archdiocese.


Also includes Student Accident Insurance cover for school activities only, i.e. during school hours, and other approved school activities such as school camps, school sport, work experience, and travelling to and from school.


Discounts apply as follows:

1st child      $336, 

2nd child     $100.80

3rd child      $67.20


Note - A 20% discount in tuition fee for the first child at a primary school applies to families with siblings at systemic secondary schools.

per child

CEO based


Building Fund

Donation collected on behalf of the CEO and covers the routine maintenance and development of all school buildings in the Diocese.  This fund is tax deductible and is not compulsory.

per family

CEO based



Covers the overheads involved in running the school.

per family

School based



Covers the current and future school refurbishment costs.


per family

School based



Covers all the curriculum costs (excluding excursions and ICT) that are incurred in educating a child. e.g. Stationery and associated learning supplies.

per child

School based



Covers expenses such as new software and licences, equipment maintenance and additional hardware.

per child

School based




Accounts for any expenses incurred for excursions, incursions and sports events where a whole class or the whole school is involved. 

Note: Costs for representative sports, school camps and similar events are not covered by the Excursion/Incursion Levy.

per child

School based








Family Discount applies as follow:

  • one child                   $843.00 per term (excl Building Fund $680.00)

  • two children             $1072.80 per term (excl Building Fund $909.80)

  • three children           $1,269.00 per term (excl Building Fund $1106.00)

  • four children           $1,398.00 per term (excl Building Fund $1,235.00)

Catholic families who are unable to pay school fees and other charges are still very welcome to enrol in Catholic schools. Parish priests and Principals have the discretion to reduce or waive fees, levies and other charges, in whole or part, for those families that can demonstrate that they are experiencing genuine financial difficulties.