Religious Education

Religious Education is at the heart of Catholic education. It informs and influences all learning in the school and is integrated throughout the curriculum.

While recognising that not all students in our schools are members of the Catholic Church, we are committed to nurturing all children in our care within the Catholic Tradition. 

At SJV Religious Education is provided in many ways.

In the classroom, students follow the Religious Education Curriculum approved by the head of the church in their diocese. Our Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn follow the guidelines outlined in 'Treasures New and Old' and are based around the following strands: God and God's Creation, Jesus and Discipleship, Church in the World, and Prayer and Celebration.

'Treasures New and Old' endeavours to combine our Christian traditions with an awareness of
contemporary needs and a faith-filled assurance for the future.


Religious Education is also undertaken as students participate in reflection days and retreats, in the liturgical and prayer, life of the school, and in community service activities and social justice programs.