Health & PE

The Health and Physical Education (HPE) curriculum is related to health and personal development, including protective behaviors and sun smart behaviors and comprises a Physical Education Program that teaches skill development and sports. The curriculum promotes the positive social, psychological and physical development of each student. Externally provided sport programs, whole school sporting events and professional coaching sessions complement the curriculum.

St John Vianney’s has a strong commitment to a sound sporting program. The children participate in weekly physical education lessons and several sporting clinics, run by sporting clubs, throughout the year. All children participate in school carnivals including annual cross country running, athletics and swimming. These events enable students to experience different levels of competition at school, inter school, Canberra district and, for the very talented, Australian level.

St John Vianney's will always encourage the students to participate in annual Soccer, and Netball and Touch Catholic Primary School Carnivals, aswell as team and individual weekend school sports.