Sports Notes

St John Vianney's sporting information and notes can be found below

SJV promotes regular participation in physical activity.  SJV along with their swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals organise specialised sports units which are undertaken on students sports days.  These specialiased sports units have included gymnastics, tennis, hockey, lawn bowls and an introduction into snow boarding (held in the school gym).


SJV encourage their students to participate in team sports, not only is it fun and healthy but it can teach the children so many social skills and life lessons, including cooperation, commitment, friendship and respect.  Team sport at SJV is either organised by the school (catholic and regional carnivals or events) or by the parent community (local sporting teams, eg. soccer, netball and touch footy). 

The Primary School Sports Association(PSSA) organise all district and ACT school sporting events. Children who would like to compete at these levels need to qualify, this is either at school sporting events or through PSSA trials. If you require further information than is posted below, please visit the ACT School Sports webpage.
** If you are interested in getting a sports team together or you would like to post some information here about a sporting event please contact the the SJV Front Office **

School Sports & Carnivals


PSSA X-Country - for qualified students Carnival is on 4 June
NRL Sullivan Shield (Y3-6) Carnival is on 13 & 21 June



Local Community Sport


Netball enrolment information (Yr2-6) registration by 10 March



PSSA South Weston District


PSSA U12 Netball SW Trials Trials are on 7 & 17 May
SSA U12 & O13 Golf Championship Trials (flyer & entry form) Trials are on 14 May
PSSA U12 AFL Trial Trials are on 16 & 21 May
PSSA U12 Touch Boys Trial Trials are on 17 & 24 May
PSSA U12 Touch Girls Trial Trials are on 24 & 29 May

PSSA X-Country - qualified students

Carnival on 4 June

PSSA U12 Soccer Boys Trial

Trials are on 6 & 14 June

PSSA U12 Soccer Girls Trial

Trials are on 7 & 12 June 

PSSA U12 Basketball SW Boys Trial

Trials are on 19 & 26 June