Thank you to the Parents below who have taken on main coordinataion roles

Overall Coordinator Responsible for making it all come togehter and checking that the other Coordinators are all OK and ticking off their lists. (Thank you Steph!)
Entertainment coordinator Responsible for locking in entertainment acts etc for Fete day and coordination on the day of MC and all entertainment. (Thanks Sonia!) 
Logistics coordinator Coordination of tables, chairs, marquees, power etc, including organising the collection and return of tables and marquees from other schools - (Thanks Louise!))
Sponsorship coordinator Sourcing and securing sponsors for the Fete (Thanks Kelly!)
Volunteers coordinator  Coordinate the volunteers and put together a roster for the day, and the various task that need  to be covered in the lead up, on the day and following the fete. (Thanks Pip!)

Set up

Manage and coordinate the set up and pack up on Fete day