SJV are continually working hard to successfully communicate with our school community.  Below are ways that we currently communicate.

Skoolbag App

The Skoolbag App has changed the way we can easily communicate between the school and families.  It is kept upto date with everything that is happenining at SJV.  Events, Calendar, Newsletters and Notes.  SkoolBag app is also used to send alerts if quick information needs to be sent out to parents and\or careers.  You can select which information you want to be notified about, depending on your childs year group.  This is a convenient method for families to also notify the school.


We have had a fantastic response to our Facebook page with nearly 300 followers.  Facebook is a means for the school to showcase the wonderful events and activities taking place within the school and the community.  Facebook is also being used to send helpful reminders to families and send messages.


We are currently updating the Internet to be a more useful communication tool for families and other community members, so they can find relevant and up to date information.


Most School Notes that are placed on the Skoolbag App are also emailed to all registered email addresses at the school.

Hard copy

Some School Notes are still sent home with the eldest child of the family.


A digital portfolio for a parent or carer to see what your child is learning at school.  If you do not have access to your childs portfolio please contact their teacher.