Our Mission & Crest


Our Mission

Together with parish and families;

We strive to impart our Catholic story to students in a meaningful way.

We value the gifts and diversity of each person and are committed to inclusiveness.

We value the care and creative use of resources.

We promote collaborative planning and shared learning.

We promote the continual growth and development of each child through the implementation of current teaching and learning practices.

We strive to provide a safe, secure and caring environment.

We strive to develop effective partnerships with parents, families and the wider community.

Our Crest


The school crest, simple in design, represents a challenge to us all.

It invites us to work for the Kingdom of God, our heritage, won for us through the Glory of the Cross.

We are encouraged to advance the Kingdom of God, our kingdom, through our daily work in accordane with gospel values 

The name of our partron, St John Vianney, is featured on the crest to encourage us, for he was a simple man whose superiors initally thought would amount to little.

Through his simple way of life, where in his aim was to do ordinary things extraordinarily well, he achieved a high degree of excellence and drew many people to a life in the Kingdom.