About Us

The values of St John Vianney's Catholic Primary School Waramanga are inclusivity, respect and community. We value diversity and strive to develop the potential of each person. The school, located in Weston Creek, achieves its mission by following the example of our Patron Saint, John Vianney. His life exemplifies the values of perseverance and commitment.


We educate the whole child in terms of academic, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development through provision of quality, authentic learning experiences. As a Catholic school we seek to develop our curriculum so that it is individualised, inclusive and enables all students to participate in their learning with confidence and an appreciation of their self worth.


A message from the Principal,

- Mr Peter Rodda


Thank you for taking the time to consider St. John Vianney’s Primary School as part of your child’s journey in both their faith and education.  St. John Vianney’s is an integral part of the St. Jude and St John Vianney Parish here in Weston Creek.  Our school is blessed to have close ties with our neighbouring Parish school, St. Jude’s. In seeking a Catholic education for your child, you are requesting a school community that bases all its actions on a relationship with Jesus.

At St. John Vianney’s we strive to build a vibrant and welcoming community.  We emphasise and teach the importance of having Christ as our centre and we aim to develop the uniqueness and potential of every child in our care.

St. John Vianney’s prides itself on being an inclusive school.  Children, no matter what their needs, are welcomed and every effort is made to support all students and families in our school.  Our school strives to live out the Gospel values of love and respect for all. This website is a brief overview of some of the features of our school.  If you have any further questions that need answering please do not hesitate to make contact through the school to meet me and be given the opportunity to view our facilities.

May the peace of Christ be with you, always.